the undercover

Die Diery,

Today AA,Pinle and me had quite a day.
We went to several places and took pictures together.
Loll,I do think that we're so embarrassing. But its all about the fun we had.

Firstly,Pinle's friend was the one who'll gonna be our photographer. Unfortunately he suddenly canceled the outing when three of us were ready.
So we could only look for several common spots.
We also had our brunch at Tip Top.
During the session we knew that so many cars passed by and people were looking at us.
Ohmygawd. It was crazy. But I've ever felt how it was last time so I've been used to it. We took about 300+ pictures and some are quite weird. Ahh I can't wait seeing it soon ƪ(°͡▿▿▿▿▿▿°")͡ƪ
I can't remember what we were talking about but suddenly JAV undercover would just be the name of our journey today. JAV for Juliana,Albert and Vynlia. Its gaudy but hehe,forget it.
Maybe one day it would develop to JAV photography since we learned a lot today :)
The memory card is now with Pinle so I don't have the pictures now..hopefully I could poSt it soon.

One thing.. 3 of my friends are competing about which one of them could gain the most viewers of their blog.
They had been posting since yesterday,they are Pramono,Stevent and Kelvin. Links are on FELLAS' tab. Nb:they're freak and insane.

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