Hippie Saturday

Die Diery,
I've always wanted to post something cs there's a LOT of ideas in my head but my brother keeps using the internet modem alllll the time and I'm going crazy after it.
Today I went to Ayam Penyet RIA with my friends for our lunch,I must say I kinda love it!
And after that I went to Thamrin Plaza cs my mom asked me to wait there.
I waited for quite long cs mom was at Pasar Rame -____-
She was back and we had quite fun shopping around but then mom and bro went to Stringers a family recreation place with many machine games and I hate that place you know. There weren't many games,and mom keeps playing on one machine called Slot Monster. What I know is the game is supposed to loss people's money. Urghh,spending time in there really upset me till I feel like some boys are like looking at me weirdly. I can't stand being there anymore so I told mom I was hungry. We finally had early dinner at QQ and we waited for dad to pick us up.
Dad brought us to buy some food at Asia Mega Mas,which made me keep eating as soon as I was home .____.
That's my short post today.


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