First trip w/ friends

Die Diery,

Wooh! I bet this gotta be cool!
My first time to travel somewhere with my friends! Ayooooo!
I'm so excited that I had already packed my stuffs days before the trip.
It's actually a really short 3D2N trip at Brastagi,the best place to spend vacation in our city;which is just a small,quite natural city-but you can try to go to the insiders';maybe there would be something interesting,no?-
It is a cooler place compare to Medan,more beautiful of course because there weren't many tall buildings except the hotels,guess the view? Mountains! And don't forget about the fresh air.
Err,even though I love beaches more :b
But this isn't bad at all because we* will be living in a villa and we had already rent a bus.
We will be going on this Sunday because we have a day off from school-National Test- which will take 4 days in a row. Unluckily,we have to enter our Tuesday class which means we must be home earlier -__- suckkss.
Ohh,thinking about last month when we talked about this,who knows it is just less than 48hrs now. Finally,at my not-17-yet age I'll have fun w/ my friends. Yess,my friends only,w/o parents. Woww
But I have the best and the most amazing mom ever.
She was the one who told me about the bus agency,she helped us to buy some of the BBQ food,and she will go to Brastagi too on Sunday to help us preparing things,cook us lunch,etc. Don't you think she's so cool? And just now,she bought me everything I need,I didn't even ask for that. Super!
What I'm worrying about is my foot. Yes,my FOOT. You know I'm not a baby who will nag about the tiredness. I do love adventure and challenges. All of them had always been my dream and nature. But since this pain came,I have no more intention to do any risky,arduous activities,or anything related to my feet. I'm not easily exhausted but before my foot is fully recovered,I WILL NOT take any risks. I am a courage little girl and I've always been an adventure seeker,but yes,not in this condition. I wish I will not get much pain on my foot later. Besides,I have to enter another class on Tuesday I must not feel exhausted. I'm thinking to take some pills but..I'm afraid of the dependence of the pills. Sosososo confuse grrr. The pain sure could kill my mood! What I seriously need is my strenuous mood. Ohh please :(
Today we shopped our needs at the supermarket and carrying those 2 heavy plastic bags and walking around for 1 hour had made my foot hurt enough. So what I gotta do for the rest hours there? #pray


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