Brastagi Trip (17-19 April 2011)

Die Diery,

I'm back with our pictures taken while we were at Brastagi.
This trip,I gotta say was the first and the best trip ever,even though we had some accidental errors during the trip.
Let's talk about it chronologically:
Saturday,16th April 2011

I reconfirmed about our departure with the bus agency I texted him :
Bang,kita yang pesan bus besok mau berangkat ke Brastagi,besok jam 7 pagi berangkatnya. Makasih. (21.30)
Sir,we booked the bus for Brastagi trip,we will be going at 7a.m. tomorrow. Thank you. (09.30p.m)
He phoned me at 11p.m and asked if we were going on 17th of April since he thought it was on 24th. I had a bad feeling,but he said he'll handle it.
Sunday,17th April 2011
What a beautiful morning,I woke up at 6.30 and I was ready to go. Not long after that,the bus agency phoned me again and said he might not be able to take us there cs the only bus had been booked by others on that day,at that time.
Finally dad called his friends and asked about another bus agency. Before 09.00a.m he got it and we left at 09.00a.m which is 2 hours later.
Thanks dad,but it ain't stop by there.
Mom and bro couldn't join us cs dad was about to go to L.Pakam and the bus couldn't take more than 18 people.
By 12.00-01.00p.m we arrived at Brastagi,had a short lunch bought from Sehati and took pictures in the villa.
After that,we went to Mickie Holiday a resort with theme park in it. Since it was raining,and we couldn't take the rides,we decided to go to Tesalonika 6,a small restaurant which specially serves BPK (pork) and it's like Bataknese's typical food.
I don't like to eat pork,so I could only drink the soup (I hadn't eaten anything since the morning).
I feel kinda not well at the time,but after then we went back to Mickie and luckily we were able to take on many extreme rides. Aww,cool!
We also had Frisbee for dinner and back from there,we were preparing the BBQ stuffs.
Somehow while we were preparing the charcoal,we realized that we lost the kerosene which must be used to ignite the fire.
Thank goodness,Nixon was there. He was the one who helped a lot. Starting from charcoal things,he was also in charge of the grills and he cooked our breakfast and lunch the next day.
Done with BBQ we had to clean the whole villa ourselves. We were really cooperative and hardworking :D
We wanted to watch movies but the DVD seemed to be broken so some of them went to play basketball at 01.00a.m uhhh.
The next day,I heard from them that Cheli tumbled down right on the *ass* while he was trying to dunk from a chair. Poor Cheli.

a really blur picture taken from a phone before the pictures were formatted.

our picture as soon as we were in the villa (2/61)

we are so lucky to have these Mikie Holiday pictures in phone!

Monday,18th April 2011
I woke up around 07.30a.m,in fact I didn't feel so drowsy as if I was at home.
Around 09.00a.m,we tried to cook by ourselves. Indomie of course.
Kawe tried to make Egg with sausages,but we had neither salty soy sauce nor salt so,he used sweet soy sauce instead.
Nixon made Martabak Indomie using the Indomie's spices and it was..salty.
I made scrambled egg w/o any sauces. Guess how it tastes?
Not long after that,Cheli's driver picked him home to have a massage at Medan.
The bus was finally here and we went to Pasar. We had Air Tebu (sugar-cane juice) and corns.
After a short sight-seeing,we got back to villa in order to wait for Cheli.
We went to the basketball field to take pictures for awhile and time flew just like that.
We waited the bus till 02.00p.m and later,it wasn't there yet. While waiting,the boys were playing playstation,girls were chatting,others were playing UNO and some of us sneaked to blow balloons for Gabi's birthday surprise.

Nixon and Larry cooked our lunch. We have instant-cooked food like sausages,french fries,etc.
Bon apetite!
Now,Cheli's back here.
04.00p.m we still got no news about our bus. We texted and phoned the agency but they asked us to be patient.
Till suddenly,Tipent yelled and said "The camera was FORMATTED".
Oh come on! We took 300+ pictures yesterday and the whole pictures were deleted?
I could hardly believe it -__-
I thought we weren't be able to go anywhere anymore bcs it was already 4 or 5p.m,yet no bus and we are going home tomorrow morning.
The bus was finally arrived at 10p.m.
We went to Pasar to have some food and directly home for BBQ. Everyone was so full already that not many of us were enjoying.
At 12.00a.m the boys threw 17 balloons from upstairs for Gabi's sweet 17th birthday :*
Well,I must say that she actually knew about this cs she had saw the balloons by the evening ahh,so not cool.

But she was quite surprised that day. We asked her to find the hidden presents too LOL
I slept at 02.00a.m

Tuesday,19th April 2011
The day before,many of us insisted on going to school and driving home from Brastagi at 09.00a.m
In fact,we woke up at 08.30a.m which made it impossible to drive home so early. Besides,we also went to Pasar for breakfast first. After the breakfast,it was already 10.50a.m so we decided not to go to school cause we'll be just as late and we don't wanna regret for not having enough fun here,yet being late to school.
We asked the driver to take us to Taman Lumbini,a place which is not really far from my hometown yet I never knew before. It is such a beautiful and tranquil place. We took a lot of pictures there,Idc even though my foot hurts cause I just don't wanna miss that special moment with my dearest friends,I don't wanna lose them.....
Finally,we were home at 04.00p.m and recalling those 3 days would be the most memorable days ever,I'm trying to write all the details here meticulously as what I remember.


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