Its over

Die Diery,

Finally exam's over and I can comeback to you.
This time,I don't know whether it's just my feeling or what but I feel like it took a really long time..
And I feel so exhausted as well.
Studying till midnight like everyday but recently I realized that I can no longer sleep too late because of some unknown reasons.
I could hardly breath,or get dizzy easily. Well maybe I haven't got enough sleep for days.
You can imagine how messy my room is. I feel really lazy to tidy it while tomorrow we're going back to school again.
Omygoooddd,I need a break!
So,about the exams? Yea,like usual I've no good preparation at some subjects but I do hope I could score better than last time's.
By the way,I saw another stars on youtube! They are Sam Tsui,Kurt,Christina Grimmie and J.Reyez.
Sam Tsui and Christina covered Just a Dream by Nelly and it's much better! Christina's voice is just awesome!!
But I still prefer Jason Chen's version :)
Err,have I told you about the bulletin board competition?
I think yes, but you don't wanna know that we lose right?
Hmm,yea,we did..but it's okay!! We gonna do our best again next year.


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