GG's sweet 17

Happy Sweet 17th Birthday Gracia Ganda!
Her birthday was on March 10th but she celebrated it on March 19th with "Pretty in Pink" as the theme.
GG dressed awesomely that day. It was quite fun but I've got several incident before the party.
Girls have to wear formal attire in pink while the boys with white.
Firstly,I have no pink dresses so I have to look for it while the H day was 3 days ahead.
Then,on the day before H day,I twisted my foot that I couldn't even go to school on the next day.
Luckily I have a really amazing mom.
She brought me to a traditional healer and by the evening I felt much better.
She also accompanied me to buy GG's present and bought me 3pcs of pink dresses.
My mom is super! Thankyou mom ({}).
Thankyou GG! :)

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