Die Diary,

Today wasn't a good day.
Indeed,its like the worst day ever.
I got my tabulation and the score was disgusting.
I don't even know if I did that bad. What I know is,I could solve the problems,answer the questions.
I don't know what the hell am I doing but yeah it brought me down.
Its not like getting low score will kill me but it makes me feel ashamed of myself.
Made me feel angry,sad and I wanna scream out loud.
They said don't worry,you will make it on the next test but my little voice said "could I"?
I've tried really hard not to be so anguish but I just can't.


GG's sweet 17

Happy Sweet 17th Birthday Gracia Ganda!
Her birthday was on March 10th but she celebrated it on March 19th with "Pretty in Pink" as the theme.
GG dressed awesomely that day. It was quite fun but I've got several incident before the party.
Girls have to wear formal attire in pink while the boys with white.
Firstly,I have no pink dresses so I have to look for it while the H day was 3 days ahead.
Then,on the day before H day,I twisted my foot that I couldn't even go to school on the next day.
Luckily I have a really amazing mom.
She brought me to a traditional healer and by the evening I felt much better.
She also accompanied me to buy GG's present and bought me 3pcs of pink dresses.
My mom is super! Thankyou mom ({}).
Thankyou GG! :)


Its over

Die Diery,

Finally exam's over and I can comeback to you.
This time,I don't know whether it's just my feeling or what but I feel like it took a really long time..
And I feel so exhausted as well.
Studying till midnight like everyday but recently I realized that I can no longer sleep too late because of some unknown reasons.
I could hardly breath,or get dizzy easily. Well maybe I haven't got enough sleep for days.
You can imagine how messy my room is. I feel really lazy to tidy it while tomorrow we're going back to school again.
Omygoooddd,I need a break!
So,about the exams? Yea,like usual I've no good preparation at some subjects but I do hope I could score better than last time's.
By the way,I saw another stars on youtube! They are Sam Tsui,Kurt,Christina Grimmie and J.Reyez.
Sam Tsui and Christina covered Just a Dream by Nelly and it's much better! Christina's voice is just awesome!!
But I still prefer Jason Chen's version :)
Err,have I told you about the bulletin board competition?
I think yes, but you don't wanna know that we lose right?
Hmm,yea,we did..but it's okay!! We gonna do our best again next year.



A Seminar With James Gwee

Die Diery,

Yesterday was a really memorable day because I was at James Gwee's seminar :)
Before,I never knew who he is so I google him.
And he's Indonesia's number 1 trainer and he had talked in many other countries like Malaysia,Singapore,New Delhi and of course Indonesia.
The topic was "Great Character to Success",yes quite a good topic.
In this session,he talked about pattern,or ways of thinking.
Nice :)


Asoi and Pinle

Die Diery,

Asoi and Pinle's birthday was on 2nd and 3rd of March!
We gave them surprises on their birthday
For Asoi,we bought her a teddy from Teddy House and for Pinle we gave her a set of cosmetic from Etude House and a handbag from Guess.
Yay,our big sisters are getting older :p
Here are the pictures...



1. I Need A Doctor - Dr. Dre ft. Eminem
2. Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
3. Just A Dream - covered by Jason Chen and Joseph Vincent
4. Rocketeer - Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder
5. Tong hua - covered by Jason Chen and JRice
6. Raise Your Glass - Pink
7. Black and Yellow - Wiz Khalifa

So,these are the songs I've been listening to.
First of all,I'd like to say I Need A Doctor is a very cool song!
I love the chorus and of course Eminem's part. He surely is a beast! He made me fell in love with raps.
Need You Now won a lot of awards at Grammy,no wonder,the song is easy-listening and they're great.
And what important is,Jason Chen! A new Youtube star. His voice is really amazing and he sings like a pro. Aww,I think I'd be his fan. Not only him,I browsed in YouTube and I found JRice,Joseph Vincent,Megan Nicole,etc
Gosh,they rocckkk!
From those many songs they covered,I love Just A Dream the most bcs I know then from this song,and you should check Love the Way You Lie covered by Jason Chen or JRice's
Rocketeer is another hot single from Far East Movement. Yeahh!
Not many songs but I replayed them over and over again :)