Die Diery,

Guess what? It's 10 p.m and I'm finally home :D
Quite a hard day cause my class lost the tug of war match. Again,with the guy they met last year,I think he's not a good luck for us -___-
But its okay,since it was just a match,win or lose doesn't matter,even though I was about to cry. Haha it happens all the time mm...what happened to me?
So today I went to my tuition from 3 to 4.30 p.m ad went to school to watch the tug of war match,then Erni,Asoi and me watched The Green Hornet at 06.30 till 8.30 p.m and we joined KW,Preti,Pinle,and one of their friends at M-Box (for karaoke)for an hour.
Tiring,but yeah not bad for a weekend :)
Goodnight pals <3


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