We and Mrs. Dahiar

Die Diery,

You know what? Today we visited Mrs. Dahniar ahayy..
At first they said we're going to Mrs. Liang Hui San(who's our form teacher) but she isn't at Medan right now,so we only visited Mrs. Dahniar's home.
She was our form teacher and she's really kind...that's why we love her so much :)
After that,we went to Sun Plaza for lunch at A&W.
I had fish burger,rootbeer and curly fries :p
Some went home and some wanted to watch Shaolin,unfortunately I can't join them cs I've watch it. So I joined Pinle and Devani at RedMango for a delicious large size yogurt.
Back from there Pinle and I randomly took pictures together. I'll post it here tomorrow ayooooo!


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