Die Diery,

Not gonna lie,but today is going to be one of my happiest day ever if they didn't argue..again.
I hate every time they argue,they're like kids aren't they?
Being able to go out together with the whole family may be usual for some of you,but,for me its kinda like..having a jackpot (no,I'm not in a broken-home)
They seriously screwed my day when they argue,I hate thinking about the worst possibilities after the argument,I hate being scared.
Can't I just have a peaceful day with them just like others? I have rights for that.
I wish dad isn't that temperamental and mom isn't easily offended.
I just..don't know to whom I can tell,so I tell you guys.
Nothing special about today,we went to Sushi Tei for our lunch but unfortunately got caught by the police bcs we turned to the wrong way.
At Sushi Tei we ate a lot,I think dad doesn't like Japanese food.
We wanted to buy "The Mechanic" movie ticket.
But we're out of ticket so we went home. Omaygod! I should watch it asap! Jason Statham is there ♡
That's all for today :)


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