Pinle's Party

Die Diery,

These pictures were taken on last Saturday night at Grand Duck King,Cambridge.
Pinle was celebrating her sooner-birthday there :p
Actually her birthday would be on this Thursday but since its way too close to our exam,she decided to held it on last Saturday.
There were 19 people. The girls are Ceha,Gabi,Asoi,Avel,Gracia,Erni,Vera(Nixon's girlfriend) and the boys are Larry,Nixon,Pramono,Stevent,Filbert,Freddy,Andrean,Kendrick,Ricky and Cheli. After the dishes,we watched a not-so-scary horror movie which title is Haunting at the Connecticut. Haha,just saying,actually it was a little..creepy but I slept well indeed :)
It was a great saturday night <3

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