Happy Chinese New Year 2562

Die Diery,

Yesterday was quite fun.
First,we went to the temple at L.Pakam then we went to our relative's home.
Its quite far away from Medan.
After that,we went to auntie and uncle's home.
Back from there,we had snacks at QQ Thamrin. My little brother kept complaining abt his exhaustions,he insisted to watch a movie.
So,yeay we bought the ticket. Shaolin at 8.30 p.m
We passed a photo studio and took several pics together,and it was cuteee :3
Since we had to wait 2 hours before the movie,we decided to go to another relatives' home.
To another aunties and uncles. BLAH!
Mom's aunties are concern about education and they're both really nice.
Dad's aunt is funny,garrulous and amazing.
I think she's 60 something,travels,can speak English and most of her children live in west area.
She went to San Fransisco,California,Netherlands,U.S,U.K,bla,bla,bla.
Cool huh?
Mom asked her how to get to U.S,and mom wanted me to go there by MYSELF!
Forget it,she wasn't serious about that.
So we closed the Chinese New Year night at he cinema watching Shaolin.
God! It was amazing. Gave morale lessons and quite real.
Once again,Happy Chinese New year 2562 everyone!


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