Bulletin Board Competition

Die Diery,

I haven't been here for days. Aww
So emm..our school held P2S1 (Pekan Prestasi Sutomo 1) every year and we have a lot of competitions here like speech,debate,poetry,karaoke,volley,tug of war,recycle etc.
So,I joined one the competition which is to make a bulletin board with "Indonesia" as the theme.
I'm in a group with Gabi,Ceha,Asoi,Pinle and Devani.
Currently I'm still busy with the bulletin board competition.
We were so on fire yesterday cause it was the deadline and we haven't finish with the articles and kinda pessimistic with the result,but luckily we were selected! So there are 22 classes which joined the competition and we are one of the 12 chosen :D
This is cool but isn't the end,we have to struggle till next week,preparing the stuffs,and we have to decorate the board on 27th of Feb.
Omg,this is my first time and I'm not subtle in this field but we've worked so hard and of course I hope we'll win!


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