Die Diery,

Thursday,is just not my day.
I felt so tired today,and a bit drowsy too.
I went to school at 7.30am and finished it at 3pm,continued to math tuition till 5pm and then english tuition till 7.30pm.
It means I had my full 12 hours not at home.
Urghhh,it sucks. I wish I'd have a week off from school and tuitions!
But actually Thursday is nice,cs tomorrow is Friday and the next day is Saturday. Aww,we're so close to Sunday. Yeah,just look at the positive side :)
Mmm,I have 2 pieces of homework today and I haven't start it yet.
Btw mom had been so upset these days.
And I'm wondering why. It makes me feel kinda pissed off too.
I wish she would feel better tomorrow.
Enough for today. Goodnight.

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