Die Diery,

I know mom would never let me study abroad,but today I asked mom to take me to the education expo. She agreed but I cancelled it bs I was too lazy at the time.
Actually the only university I wanna know about is Raffles Design Institute,which I've knew since a year ago and I just wanna find out about the school.

Well,honestly,the reason I didn't go was bc I was too scared to find out,scared if I would be so interested with it while mom will never send me there. I can't describe this feeling,its like...a kind of desire which is gonna explode.
Yah,I realize that I'm kind of a careless person,that's why mom won't feel easy to let me go.
Besides,I really haven't think of what majority to take in college and I have only a year to go..geez

Yahh,forget about the university. You know what made me happy today?
This looklet site had took my heart away!!
Ahh,I love this,it's also about fashion and I drooled for the items. Arghhh
If you love fashion,you might love this too!
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