Love in Perth

Today I had a fun day with Asoi,Tipen,Kekel,Amo,Sharen,Erni and Claristy :)
We went to Thamrin Plaza together to watch LOVE IN PERTH,an Indonesian movie.
Nothing so special,but it was not bad either,the story-line was just like most of those love novels. After the movie,we had our lunch together at D'Loft. The payment system is using a card with barcode on it. Every customers who entered would get it and what you bought will be typed in the card.
It wasn't my first time there,but I accidentally cracked the card into 2 pieces erghhh. I should pay 15000 IDR for that. Haha,it wasn't cool at all.
After the lunch,we had a very nice and fun talk there. Yeah,you can say its a gossip.
Criticisms were on the air.
Lol,I know talking abt people isn't good.
But not to be hypocrite I did it too :p
That's all,btw I enjoyed the day.
Thanks guysss <3

Right now,I'm coloring my sketch,it was adorable before sketch and now I'm feeling like WTH with this stupid sketch :/


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