Holiday please don't go

Die Diery,

Today is our last day of holiday and starting from tomorrow,it'll be another new start at school.
Damn,why do we have to go back so soon?
I wish I could love tomorrow,in fact I was here grumbling.
The hardest thing to do tomorrow might be waking up at 6am again.
Uhh,forget it. I'll try my best. Yeah,be positive!

So,today I did web-cam with my cousins,mami and papi who lives in U.S,how I've missed them!
Lala does look like a real teen now,she's pretty.
Vender has grown into a big boy,he's rather a good boy :)
Mami doesn't change at all,she seems ageless. Haha.
And Papi,I didn't talk a lot with him,but I think his face radiates wisdom.

Then,I helped mom in the kitchen,she cooked a lot of delicious stuffs,life's good!
Eska did ask me out to see my old friend,Brendo who had moved out to Singapore abt 4 years ago. But he didn't tell me earlier so mom wouldn't let me go.
Besides I shall rest bcs of the tiring yesterday or I won't be able to go to school tomorrow .__.
That's all for today,I must enjoy my every second before tomorrow.
See yaa xx


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