1.First Romance - Regine Velasquez
2.Tanpa Bintang - Anang ft Aurel
3.Whenever - BEP
4.Please Don't Go - Mike Posner
5.Long Distance - Bruno Mars
6.Lucky - Jason Myraz ft. Colbie Caillat
7.What's My Name - Rihanna
8.Karna Kusanggup - Agnes Monica
9.Elevator - David Archuleta
10.Stay Here Tonight - Enrique Iglesias
11.We Believe - Good Charlotte
12.Forever Young - Jay-Z ft. Mr.Hudson

These Indonesian hits are gr8!
I love themm <3
Whenever and Long distance are back!
I've been listening to First Romance for times,and its ro-man-tic!
And Lucky! "Lucky I'm in love with my best friend"..
Fyi,this post isn't about new tracks,but just the songs I'm currently in love with.



Die Diery,

I know mom would never let me study abroad,but today I asked mom to take me to the education expo. She agreed but I cancelled it bs I was too lazy at the time.
Actually the only university I wanna know about is Raffles Design Institute,which I've knew since a year ago and I just wanna find out about the school.

Well,honestly,the reason I didn't go was bc I was too scared to find out,scared if I would be so interested with it while mom will never send me there. I can't describe this feeling,its like...a kind of desire which is gonna explode.
Yah,I realize that I'm kind of a careless person,that's why mom won't feel easy to let me go.
Besides,I really haven't think of what majority to take in college and I have only a year to go..geez

Yahh,forget about the university. You know what made me happy today?
This looklet site had took my heart away!!
Ahh,I love this,it's also about fashion and I drooled for the items. Arghhh
If you love fashion,you might love this too!
Visit my looklet please http://looklet.com/user/671423/looks




Die Diery,

Thursday,is just not my day.
I felt so tired today,and a bit drowsy too.
I went to school at 7.30am and finished it at 3pm,continued to math tuition till 5pm and then english tuition till 7.30pm.
It means I had my full 12 hours not at home.
Urghhh,it sucks. I wish I'd have a week off from school and tuitions!
But actually Thursday is nice,cs tomorrow is Friday and the next day is Saturday. Aww,we're so close to Sunday. Yeah,just look at the positive side :)
Mmm,I have 2 pieces of homework today and I haven't start it yet.
Btw mom had been so upset these days.
And I'm wondering why. It makes me feel kinda pissed off too.
I wish she would feel better tomorrow.
Enough for today. Goodnight.


The 16th and 17th

Die Diery,

Sorry for taking so long to post these pictures and stories.
16th of January was Stevent's birthday. It was on Sunday.
So,we had this cake-surprise for him on Monday at school.
In happenstance,Jessica's birthday was on 17th of January which was on Monday too.
Jessica a.k.a Jeje's surprise was breads and mini-cakes which were placed along the tables with candles on them.
While,Stevent's surprise was a cake with the greeting "Happy Birthday Stevent Oceng"
Oh,btw Oceng means :dark skin in Hokkien
We teased him a lot hahaha.
We celebrated it during the lunch time,took pictures and played with the creams!

this pic is dedicated to Sharen who posed :p



Die Diery,

I went out again today with Sharen,Asoi,Claristy,Erni,Tipen and Kekel.
We went to karaoke together, had fun there and moved to D'Loft for some drinks.
Unfortunately,my foot hurts,and I'm quite not in my best mood,I don't know why. So,I didn't feel like enjoying much.
Here are some pics of us :)



Love in Perth

Today I had a fun day with Asoi,Tipen,Kekel,Amo,Sharen,Erni and Claristy :)
We went to Thamrin Plaza together to watch LOVE IN PERTH,an Indonesian movie.
Nothing so special,but it was not bad either,the story-line was just like most of those love novels. After the movie,we had our lunch together at D'Loft. The payment system is using a card with barcode on it. Every customers who entered would get it and what you bought will be typed in the card.
It wasn't my first time there,but I accidentally cracked the card into 2 pieces erghhh. I should pay 15000 IDR for that. Haha,it wasn't cool at all.
After the lunch,we had a very nice and fun talk there. Yeah,you can say its a gossip.
Criticisms were on the air.
Lol,I know talking abt people isn't good.
But not to be hypocrite I did it too :p
That's all,btw I enjoyed the day.
Thanks guysss <3

Right now,I'm coloring my sketch,it was adorable before sketch and now I'm feeling like WTH with this stupid sketch :/



Holiday please don't go

Die Diery,

Today is our last day of holiday and starting from tomorrow,it'll be another new start at school.
Damn,why do we have to go back so soon?
I wish I could love tomorrow,in fact I was here grumbling.
The hardest thing to do tomorrow might be waking up at 6am again.
Uhh,forget it. I'll try my best. Yeah,be positive!

So,today I did web-cam with my cousins,mami and papi who lives in U.S,how I've missed them!
Lala does look like a real teen now,she's pretty.
Vender has grown into a big boy,he's rather a good boy :)
Mami doesn't change at all,she seems ageless. Haha.
And Papi,I didn't talk a lot with him,but I think his face radiates wisdom.

Then,I helped mom in the kitchen,she cooked a lot of delicious stuffs,life's good!
Eska did ask me out to see my old friend,Brendo who had moved out to Singapore abt 4 years ago. But he didn't tell me earlier so mom wouldn't let me go.
Besides I shall rest bcs of the tiring yesterday or I won't be able to go to school tomorrow .__.
That's all for today,I must enjoy my every second before tomorrow.
See yaa xx