1. No eke Nan, Na eke Non - OST. The Classic
2. Can I Love You -  Yuri Sang Ja
3. Banmal Song - YongSeo couple

*sigh* this is the lamest #nowplaying ever.
I don't know why but since I finished watching WGM,these songs had always reminded me of them,as if these songs are the soundtracks.
Listening to these kinds of songs makes my life even bluer and gloomier.
Thinking about how my life supposed to turn to. This is so..not me.
I guess I need to do something active in order not to let my soul buried in this phase.
I'm very lousy ATM and I need my energy now.

Luckily we're going to Brastagi tomorrow, it's gonna be fun :)



Merry Christmas!

Yeay,finally Christmas is here <3
Today I spent my Christmas with the girls kekeke
We went for breakfast then watch Sherlock Holmes:The Game of Shadow -my whole time movie- and took pics together!
Hahha,even though it was short yet it's meaningful for me since we girls haven't hung out so often lately -__-
Cheers to the Lord!
Merry Christmas guyysss

xmas tree,santa,snowflakes


Christmas Break

Hello ho-li-day
Lalallaaaa,how I love my life.
If only we didn't have to study for exams,that would be a lot better haha!
Anyway,it's over. Last exam for 2011 and the rest are lining in 2012!
This semester exam had seized all my mind that I almost forgot about Christmas.
Well,I was flabbergasted bcs time flies faster than birds in flight.

I have no idea what to do during this short holiday..maybe I'll clean my super-duper-messy-room,tidy my really-unorganized-shelf and..see what I can do to my wardrobe.
Christmas is 3 days from now,I recall that last year I spent my Christmas break with the girls and it was cool.
What about this year?

How I love Christmas songs,outfits,decorations...this feeling is just right.
Christmas,Christmas come to mamaaaa <3

One week from now,I'm going to have another Brastagi trip with the HOTTEST.
Hehehe,I can't wait,so eggzaited!!
Here comes comfy wears,do not expect nice pics bcs it's all about fun,fun,fun :D

Aaa,I have so much to telllllll *hysteric*
Umm,my part-time job.. Next year,I'll enter the 3rd month!!
I'm glad that I'm used to this job pretty quickly,it's just..I hate how the system works.
There are times when I have to substitute other teachers whose students I had never taught before.
If they're good,no problem. What if they're not?
Some of them have flagrant behaviors,some like gnawing at their friends,some might not be quick-witted.
I can tolerate that,BUT not this one.
Last Monday I met this senior high school student. He behaved obnoxiously.
'If he has no interest in learning,why bother come here?',it was the first thing appeared in my mind.
My boss had warned me about him and asked me to be as strict as possible and I did. Unfortunately,he didn't care.
He's a senior student,and if he can't change himself,nobody can. Yes,except he's a primary or junior.
Learning a language is about enthusiasm and flair,that's what I think.



1.With your Love - Cher Llyod ft.  Mike Posner
2.A Thousand Year - Christina Perri
3.Who Says - Selena Gomez
4.I Won't Let You Go - James Morrison
5.Misery - Maroon 5
6.Goodnight Goodnight - Maroon 5
7.Crawling Back To You - Daughtry
8.Gone Too Soon - Simple Plan
9.Love You Like a Love Song - Selena Gomez
10.It Girl - Jason Derulo
11.Without You - David Guetta
12.Man Down - Rihanna
13.Disaster - Jojo
14.Alligator Sky - Owl City


Sorry Darls :(

Die Diery,

Bad news..
Mom gave Hachi away to her friend. I can't say anything cs they said  he's too naughty that dad can't stand him anymore. It's better to give him away to other ppl who'd love him more..rather than seeing him being scolded by dad everyday.
Sorry dear :'(
I will visit you for sure. Sorry,we can't take care of you anymore,sorry..sorry.

While Melly,she has been grounded for days. She isn't free to move around in the house anymore bcs she sheds too much fur.
I don't know why but everything felt so weird now. I hate how they treated them as pets,especially Melly who is not troublesome at all. We have been together for 6 years and now she has to be in a room with grandad's love birds??
Dear God,how can I possibly save all the stray dogs in the world if I can't even help my own's?
Sorry Mell,your cie2 is such a bad owner.

#backsound With Arms Wide Open - Creed



Die Diery,

Finally,Students' Day *oops Teachers' Day is here!
This is us students' favorite day of the year :D
Why? Because teachers will be the audiences for shows made for them,while we can have a lot of fun by ourselves taking pictures with teachers or..just us.
And,horror movie is a great choice to watch even with a projector. *yeay

Our choir class has to perform tomorrow and it means I might miss 'some' fun with my classmates :(
I've been so busy preparing for the 3-4 mins choir performance that I can't help much for tomorrow's surprise.

I only gave 2 suggestions that hopefully will work tomorrow.
One,the birthday hat for our form teacher, MANAEK NABABAN.
Two,not sure yet.

This is so special bcs  this is our last year at school,our last teachers' day at school! I don't wanna miss a sec of it.
Guys don't start without me pleaseee or I'll CRY horribly :'(

At last,we found a suitable name for our class.
H.O.T Class! *clap hands* It stands for Humorous.Original.Talented Class.
Nothing special about that,we,the members are special aaaaa
I sounded like a saleswoman just now -_- hahaha
Yeah man,our class had got a name,at last.
So proud to be with the Science-3s <3

The flower board was ordered by Ceha,cakes by Pinle n Devani,gifts for our ex-form-teachers by Jeje n friends,ribbons for the girls tomorrow by Cika. Me? Haha,I was the one who chose the birthday hat *please appreciate -__-
Lol,not only that,I did help with H.O.T's uniform shirts n jackets too.
And we've got a plan to do Brastagi Trip part II :))

This is quite a post,I'll even post a longer one tomorrow ahaha

white dress,black heels,red ribbon


Happy 13th birthday lil bro!

Die Diery,

Happy birthday lil bro! Wish you allll the very best {}
Now that you're 13,please get rid of your childish behaviors,be cool man!

Woah,I've got a lot of homework today,yet none of them are finished -__-
Oh dear,I'm a good procrastinator.
And I'm actually working on my short-stories.
I have 3 ideas,all of them are in progress. I don't think it would be completed by the end of the year,sigh

Btw,why did I reveal about my interest in writing?
It started when I first showed Ceha my writing,continued with Cika,Sharen,and then Asoi.
Yea,they said it wasn't bad,so I feel a lil more confident after they encouraged me. Ahh,thanks a lot guys <3

Meanwhile, about the songs I made.........
This guy,Steven Smith (hey,if you notice this,I'm writing about you. Yes,you. hahhaa), said he wanted to listen to my songs. I was like "What?? No one ever asked for that".
The melodies and lyrics are not perfectly fitted,but I promised to let him listen to the recorded songs(w/o instruments)  next week,umm..I need time to rerecord it lol.

Showing my writing to my friends was embarrassing,what about this? I hope he won't laugh at me,or my voice...:/

It's 12:23 am now,I gotta go byeee



Miss J

Hola adios!

Hoho apparently working/teaching is not as easy as what I thought. Me,who used to arrive late,as a student,has to manage myself to arrive 5 minutes earlier before 'my' class starts,and what about those minutes wasted as I was waiting for my students?

Despite my busy activity which makes me unable to have 'fun' with my free time anymore,working helps me  realize that I need to think in a more mature way.
It aids me in building responsibility,ability to stick with rules and patience. Nevertheless,the course is actually far from my expectation because it's nothing like my English tuition at ESL where the classes are classified. Here,we have students with vary levels in one class and it's hard to handle all of them at once.
Yes,of course I'll have to deal with many students with different basics,backgrounds and behaviors but it is quite challenging. I'm forced to socialize and encourage the students to study and faced with kinds of situations.
Also,I'm still new,so I haven't make many friends with the teachers except that I had known the other 2 teachers who are from the same school with me.
Anyway,this is just the beginning,no worries :)

PS: It feels good being addressed as Miss J. LOL




Die Diery,

Yeayy,I did remade cupcakes on Sunday and luckily it turned out edible LOL
But the most absurd thing ever was....I made the exact cupcake again yesterday but I over-baked it -__-
So I made it again just now,I hope it won't be disappointing because I'm going to give them to my friends.
Dear cupcakes,better be good :)

people thought the whip cream melted,but it was not! I put raspberry yogurt on it and it was realllly good <3

B-t-w,I got my first part-time job yesterdayyyy and I've just started today.
Hmmm,being a teacher for the first day...(an English teacher to be precise),it is not a big school but that's ok for a newcomer like me. I don't know what to say..I'm not really used to it but I'll try my best.

P.S: Hadn't talked to you for days and I feel kinda gloomy,I need someone to talk to :(



Happy Birthday Mama!

First thing to say : "Worst surprise ever"

Today is mommy's birthday,and again,happy birthday best-mom-ever <3 #muchlove

Apparently I forgot to order cupcakes for mommy's birthday!
A crazy idea came up. I told myself that I want to make the cupcakes on my own.
Early in the morning I googled cupcakes recipes and instructions. To make sure,I asked Ceha who has more experience in the kitchen.

As soon as I bought the ingredients,I went home and started working on it. To be honest,I had never bake any cakes before.
I knew something was wrong as I was mixing the butter with eggs and sugar because it didn't mix well,the butter formed into clots instead. But I insist on baking those 2 poor little cupcakes for almost 30 minutes. I also put the special gift in the cupcakes. And the result was..........yes,you guessed it right.

I should have baked delicious cupcake for mom and she would find her gift in the cupcake with full of admiration and joy like those girls in the movies (this was the only surprise I could think of at the time :p). It was a mess,even the gift was not fully hidden. She was watching TV when I asked her to eat it all and she didn't realize that the gift was fully exposed. Suddenly she asked about it and I realized that the gift had been in the cupcake for an hour and the box was about to melt!!
I took it and ran to the kitchen to check if the gift melted and fortunately it didn't.
It was a relief.
I can't imagine what if it really melted,that would be a complete fail.
I burst to laugh when I saw the gift was okay and innocently give it to her.
Ahh,failed on the first try -__-
It's ok,I'll try again tomorrow. :)

cupcakes,whipped cream and cocoa


No Halloween

Die Diery,

I'm back to report my miserable Halloween.
I was sick that day and I had to permit from school and skip tuition.
Such a disaster.
I wish November will bring tons of luck!
Btw,remember that prince charming I told you last year?
I think I met him last Saturday at Erni's sister's wedding party. I'm not sure.
I might not see him anymore in the future,well it's not like I really like him,it was....merely an admiration.

Yesterday I went to Ceha's home with Asoi and Gabi. We planned to watch 'Super 8' together but we ended up gossiping,laughing and talking about unnecessary jokes while eating pizza.
Lol it was crazy but we enjoyed it. Hope the girls will have more spare time so we can do that again <3



Happy Birthday Buddy!

Nothing much to share,but because today is Bud's birthday,I wish him a happy birthday,a happy life ahead,live well,eat well,play well. Thank you for being my best friend for exactly 4 years and it will continue ^^
I didn't prepare anything for him but I did bought him flavored snack.
I feel extremely drowsy now,it's time to hit the sack. Seeyaaaaa


Special YongSeo

1. Falling Slowly -  Glen Hansard
2. Love Light - C.N. Blue
3. The Boys - SNSD
4. I'm a Loner - C.N. Blue
5. Love Revolution - C.N. Blue
6. Banmal Song - Yong Hwa ft. Seo Hyun

My #nowplaying are absolutely by the Koreans!!
I fell in love with Goguma couple againn <3
I am praying for them to be a real couple though.

awwww,sweet potato couple

They shouldn't divorce...aigoo,it was because of their busy schedule since both of them are quite famous at the time.
(they were actually an imaginary couple in a Korean TV show called "We Got Married")
Can't believe sweet couple does exist,not only in dramas or comics but real life!
Seo Hyun from SNSD is totally a pure and innocent girl. Out of the other 8 girls in SNSD I like her the most bcs she's just naturally beautiful and warm. In most episode she was just like..a shy girl.
While her husband Yong Hwa who looks more like a player is actually very considerate and ahhh,just like those guys in dramas who would wait for the girl till she gets in her home safely,hold the popcorn all along when watching a movie,watch the girl with those eyes meaningfully or read a probably-boring-book to get her attention even though he actually hates books. There are still many things to say about him even though I've just watched 5 episodes online.
He might never met a girl like Seo Hyun before that's why he feels that she's unique although many people say she's quite boring. The girl never got to know what love is,while the boy never met anyone like her. But I agree with him! They made a good couple,and I can tell that he likes her from his eyes and I found several evidences from You Tube too hehehe


these eyes kyaaaa!

I didn't know Seo Hyun has so much charm,but in the article I read,she was in the second position for the girl you want to marry the most (among actors).
She deserves that <3

This video was taken after 6 months after they divorced.
pic source: google



Hello bloggies!

How long has it been since my last post?
I have a lot of things to share,but I forgot most of them -__-

Actually I stayed in the hospital 2 weeks ago,23rd of September if I'm not mistaken. I had dengue fever which was quite severe because I and the rest of families did not recognize it as dengue fever for 5 days!
Finally when I tested my blood in the lab and the doctor told me that I had dengue fever and it was already the first critical day,I was sent to the hospital right away.
It was my second time. Mom said I had ever had it once when I was 3 and this is kinda pathetic hahaha
Thanks God,I'm back. I recovered quite fast because I have a great family and friends who supported me :)
I promise to keep my body fit and I won't skip meals very often anymore,staying in hospital is not nice at all.

Today Ceha,Gabi,Asoi and me had done our presentation about ideaviruses at school and it was such a relief as soon as we finished it. Quite a mess without practice yet I'm satisfied,good job girls!

And...about my choir class. Frankly speaking,my school's choir class has nothing compared to other school's.
We'll be performing for upcoming Teachers' Day event and we're going to sing a song from Tapanuli province.
I was late for 5 minutes that day (I never came late before),and the class had already started.
I didn't know what the heck was happening with her but she was not happy about it and murmured in front of other students,while usually there are always some people who were always late,or some who ever came late for almost 30 minutes! So why me?
Okay,that's fine. But then,she did not test us to see whether we're on soprano or alto voice. She decided by herself. Is that how choir should be?
If it wasn't because I love to sing so much and I wanted to learn something,I'd rather..

Let's not talk about it. Btw tonight dad,mom,bro and me planned to watch movies at Sun plaza,unfortunately we were too late to buy the ticket. Bzz,it means I'll have to wait till the next 3 weeks if I want to go to the cinema bcs I'll be facing monthly exam on 17th.

I want to watch The Smurf,Sorcerer and the white snake,Pirates of the Caribbean 4(On Stranger Tides),Gossip Girl,Running Man.....sooo many movies to watch ckck

Well,it's 1.06 am now and I gotta sleep,goodnight loves


Say Hi to Hachi!

Die Diery,

Our home had became more crowded since last Thursday night bcs we owned a 3-month-old puppy given by daddy's friend.
Surprisingly his previous owner named him Champion.
But I prefer to call him Hachi :3

At first Buddy didn't get along with Hachi but now,they didn't fight anymore except for several reasons. For example: I was holding Hachi and Buddy became very jealous and started to bark at Hachi.
I won't blame Buddy bcs he had been spoiled for 4 years and now he has to share with a newcomer.
I'm also afraid of being unfair since I have 3 kids (read: dogs) now.
Hachi reminds me of Kitty,my previous Maltese which was very lovely. Unfortunately she died 3 years ago of a disease called Parvo. I don't wanna recall.
Hachi himself is an active dog,during his age now,he tends to bit things around him bcs his teeth are growing.
He bits sandals,boxes,newspapers,even my hands -___-.
He is very very mischievous.

I hope Melly and Buddy will be good to him :)

Melly,Buddy and Hachi