Die Diery,
Finally my last weekend before the exam was spent peacefully.
So,I went out with my mom and brother,we watched Rapunzel (The Tangled Tale)
Wow,it was a nice one. It was about a lost princess with very very very long and magic hair.
She was locked in a high tower by errr,a lady who disguised as her mother. She had never step out of the tower.
So,one day a guy who was a fugitive,hid in the tower. She met him and asked him to bring her to see the lanterns flew by the kingdom for the lost princess.
And bla,bla,bla. When her mother got home and Rapunzel was nowhere,she was panic. She looked for her,and finally found her.
And another bla bla bla,Rapunzel went home. She thought the guy (Eugiene) left her (in fact he was sent to the kingdom) and suddenly her memories came back. She remembered that she was the lost princess. Apparently,her "mother" was using her magic hair to keep her forever young. Eugiene who escaped from the jail ran after Rapunzel,but being stopped but the mother.
He was tied. I don't know how but he cut Rapunzel's hair and it turned brunette,losing its magical power. The mother became old again and fell down from the tower.
Yeah,at last she came back to the palace,and married with Eugiene. Tadaaa. The end.

And today I went to Balle for body treatment.
Aww,I love it. I've been feeling not well lately. And how I wish I could get some massages.
I had my green tea bath as well.
I do feel relieved but the migraine hasn't gone yet.
The exam is near,and I hope I could do my best.

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