Die Diery,

Exam is overrrrr! Yeayy! Who's happy? LOL
So,yesterday was the last day of the exam but it was such a tiring yet great day.
The girls,together with Erni,Pramono,Larry,Filbert and Freddy agreed to watch movie at MOVIEGOERS,Cambridge.
At first,we said we wanna watch the horror movie named The Maid.
But when I arrived there,they said they had reserved another movie.
An American Haunting.
No joke the movie was such a mess,I didn't get the point,and didn't enjoy it as well.
It wasn't as scary as the title,oops I mean it wasn't scary at all.
There were more dark settings instead of ghosts and the ghost was only one and you know what? She's beautiful!
Geez. I almost fell asleep there. I think the movie was a fail.
But at least we took some pictures ;)

Back then,I had a "little" surprising news for you. But just wait till I get the pictures :)

uhh,I hate how this silly face looks LOL


  1. Happy Holiday! :) xmas season is quite felt there... about the last picture, you look geek. cute! haha