Happy Christmas and Merry New Year

Die Diery,

You know what? Yesterday was GREAT!
I had my second outing with the girls,and spent my night havin dinner and went to the cinema with my family!

So,first I went to Avel's home and Pinle fetched us there. After that we went to fetch Asoi.
Actually we planned to go to Cemara Asri to have our brunch and take pics there as well.
In fact,we messed up in the car,taking pics madly whilst waiting for Ceha and the plan didn't work smoothly.
It was like 11am that time and Pinle hadn't had her breakfast so,we went to Kalimantan for the breakfast.
Then,Ceha came and we were ready to go.
Pinle fetched her brother named Vincen and hi! nice to meet you!
We arrived in Pinle's home,and not for long he drove the car away!
We spent like one hour or more at her home doing nothing before heading to MW which is near to Pinle's home.
We had our lunch at Pizza Hut.
Then,we went home and directly hunt for spots.
On our way home,it was raining heavily,fortunately daddy had arrived at Pinle's home.
I delivered Asoi and Avel home then me n daddy went to Thamrin to fetch mom,had our dinner and watch Tron Legacy.
It's a rare opportunity to be able to gather with my dad,I mean like to watch movie together or having dinner outside with dad.

I thanked God for the most beautiful christmas eve ever.
I could hope no more from Santa cs I knew he had gave the best gift I'd ever wanted.



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