Happy Birthday KEKEL!!

Die Diery,

Today was Kekel's birthday.
We agreed to make him a surprise.
So,the plan was Freddy's mom will deliver the surprise(which is J.CO donuts) after bell,and one of us will prepare the surprise right before he went home.
But...just about 3 minutes before bell,Freddy said his car was broken.
Ohmyyy,we freaked out,it was like it gonna fail!
Just about 15 mins after bell,when everyone had gone home,the surprise came.
We directly called other friends who had just left the school to gather.
And of course,made Kekel stay where he was since luckily he was still at school.
Stevent went to the canteen to borrow lighter and Kekel saw him. Kekel followed Stevent to the class while we were preparing the surprise.
We were still trying to kindle the candles and he came in.
Frankly speaking,the surprise was such a mess.
We end up playing with the cream of the donuts,smearing the cream over ones faces.
It was a lot of fun!
Anw,happy birthday Kekel :)


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