2010 memories

1.I'm so lucky to be able to meet my girls,had them as my besties.
So I'm able to spend my high school life just like normal girls lol.
2.I know I had this pain on my feet,but I believe in time,God will heal it.
3.And on my trip to Genting,I met nice buddies. They're great,and I've had a crush on one of them. But who cares cs now its gone :p
4.Hmm,I met Matt on this year,I'm so grateful cs he's the best guy I've ever met.
He taught me a lot of things to be strong,to be someone,and I learned a lot abt him,he's a geek lol. Even though we're not that close anymore.
5.In the end of the year,I'm happy for meeting Andrew,being able to do what I like,even though I know I'm not good at it,but I'll still love it.
6.I love my family just like I love myself,thanks God for keeping them safe.
7.This year,I love how I mix match my wardrobe,and guess what it'll be my new hobby :)

I didn't have much things to say,and I don't have any achievements to be proud of,but every year is meaningful.
This year,I got a lot of new friends and learned many new things. Thanks God ♡
May next year be better!

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