Die Diery,

Well,this is the most shocking November first.
Actually,I couldn't find my wallet.
Eww,I didn't realize it since the morning.
I went home from school and couldn't find it.
I told mom and she scowled at me. I felt so uneasy bcs all of the important cards are in it.
Besides,mom and dad had just gave my monthly allowance ystrdy.
Panicked like a freak and couldn't concentrate during the tuition.
Finally daddy fetched me up.
Me: *walking w/o any spirits,put on very miserable expression*
Dad: what's with your face?
Me: lost my wallet,stressful. Cash,cards,ID card,voucher,member card,everything!
Dad: nahh,you're not supposed to leave your wallet in the car!
Me: what do you mean? You found it?!?!?
Dad: you left it in the car before school!

Ewww,thanks God..such a relief!
I almost curse this unique date. Geez.
But now I could smile like geek,again ‎​ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ


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