Die Diery,

These days we've got NARCISSISM SYNDROME! Haha..
We took some pictures during breaks and after lunch awawaw <3
Yeaa,I'm lovin it :D
Unfortunately,the whole class is not so blended yet,so,many of them felt shy or uneasy to join us.
Whereas,for me,this kinda "cute" activity seems to be a good opportunity to build a stronger relationship in the class.
I want XI-Sci-03 to be a solid class like how X-03 used to be.
I miss that time so so so muchhh :(
So,we gotta work hard together to regain the spirits! Okay class?!

Today is sorta success.
Bcs,as we see in the pics,there are Lavenna,Shenni,Erni,Lia,Devani,Jeje,Jeanne,Kekel,etc!
They are in it! Awesome!
It's good,isn't it?
I think I'll take some pics for tomorrow too! :))

L to R : Pinle,asoi,me,ceha,gabi

LOOK! Kekel's ngok face!


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