Last day of the exam

Die Diery,

You know,this must be one of the best night ever!
I love being indolent sometimes :p
All of those creepy exams had passed.
Anddd this is the most relax-able night. I'm free! Free! Free!
Actually nothing went really smooth since the first day of the test.
But I do hope that the result would be much better than the first monthly exam.
Yea,although I'm not like most of the sicky,they studied till dawn. Imagine that 3 hour sleep!
Anw,let's #prayforindonesia for the Tsunami and Earthquake happened in Mentawai and Merapi last night.
May God bless them. And to those who were gone,may them rest in peace.
Anw it's 9pm and I'm really really bored here.
Gonna put on the eye mask and the mp3's on.


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