Happy Superb Halloween!

Die Diery,

I've just got home from a Halloween party held at STBA-PIA.
Went there with Pinle,Asoi,Ceha,Devani,Erni,Larry,Pretti,Awi,Nixon and his gf as well.
At first the party was boring. It was really hot there. We were standing in the crowd and couldn't breath normally. But as soon as we enter the SPOOKY HOUSE,everything changed.
Actually we didn't think that it would be that creepy and frightening.
But there were sadako,pocong,kunti,the scream and many men with painted face they were crawling on the floor scaring us and they succeed.
I didn't stop screaming in there,and when I saw any ghosts,I'll run in bolt!
God,this proves how scared I am to those things.
Unfortunately,I don't think we took enough picture for this event. It was so hot and we feel lazy to take any pic.
Btw I met a friend of mine who dressed as one of the ghost. Lol,I couldn't recognize her.
Andd,I think our friend Dev got a crush with the crew. She took a pic with him. Lmaooo.

Even though daddy gave me a long speech bcs I were home by 11pm,but I don't mind.
I'll attend another Halloween party next year!

the lucky guy


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