Happy Superb Halloween!

Die Diery,

I've just got home from a Halloween party held at STBA-PIA.
Went there with Pinle,Asoi,Ceha,Devani,Erni,Larry,Pretti,Awi,Nixon and his gf as well.
At first the party was boring. It was really hot there. We were standing in the crowd and couldn't breath normally. But as soon as we enter the SPOOKY HOUSE,everything changed.
Actually we didn't think that it would be that creepy and frightening.
But there were sadako,pocong,kunti,the scream and many men with painted face they were crawling on the floor scaring us and they succeed.
I didn't stop screaming in there,and when I saw any ghosts,I'll run in bolt!
God,this proves how scared I am to those things.
Unfortunately,I don't think we took enough picture for this event. It was so hot and we feel lazy to take any pic.
Btw I met a friend of mine who dressed as one of the ghost. Lol,I couldn't recognize her.
Andd,I think our friend Dev got a crush with the crew. She took a pic with him. Lmaooo.

Even though daddy gave me a long speech bcs I were home by 11pm,but I don't mind.
I'll attend another Halloween party next year!

the lucky guy



Last day of the exam

Die Diery,

You know,this must be one of the best night ever!
I love being indolent sometimes :p
All of those creepy exams had passed.
Anddd this is the most relax-able night. I'm free! Free! Free!
Actually nothing went really smooth since the first day of the test.
But I do hope that the result would be much better than the first monthly exam.
Yea,although I'm not like most of the sicky,they studied till dawn. Imagine that 3 hour sleep!
Anw,let's #prayforindonesia for the Tsunami and Earthquake happened in Mentawai and Merapi last night.
May God bless them. And to those who were gone,may them rest in peace.
Anw it's 9pm and I'm really really bored here.
Gonna put on the eye mask and the mp3's on.



AJ n WU's

Happy Birthday to Albert Jauhari and William Unthario!!

16th October 2010

Photography by Jethro Felim



Die Diery,

Today we had our first flag ceremony in the 2nd year!
Err,nothin special,but luckily there wasn't hot sunlight during the ceremony.
Everythin goes well and we took some pictures too :D


M-Box day

Die Diery,

Yesterday was another fun day!
I went to M-Box,a karaoke cafe with Pretti,Asoi,Avel and Pinle.
We rock there for 2 hours non stop. And we took some pics too.
Lol,wherever I go,I just tend to take pics.
It was great.
Unfortunately KW and AA couldn't join us bc they had tuition.
Here are some of the pics :)

Asoi and I both look so cute :P




Die Diery,

These days we've got NARCISSISM SYNDROME! Haha..
We took some pictures during breaks and after lunch awawaw <3
Yeaa,I'm lovin it :D
Unfortunately,the whole class is not so blended yet,so,many of them felt shy or uneasy to join us.
Whereas,for me,this kinda "cute" activity seems to be a good opportunity to build a stronger relationship in the class.
I want XI-Sci-03 to be a solid class like how X-03 used to be.
I miss that time so so so muchhh :(
So,we gotta work hard together to regain the spirits! Okay class?!

Today is sorta success.
Bcs,as we see in the pics,there are Lavenna,Shenni,Erni,Lia,Devani,Jeje,Jeanne,Kekel,etc!
They are in it! Awesome!
It's good,isn't it?
I think I'll take some pics for tomorrow too! :))

L to R : Pinle,asoi,me,ceha,gabi

LOOK! Kekel's ngok face!



GWS Asoiii

Die Diery,

Today we (Pretti,Ceha,Gabi,Pinle,Avel,AA,KW,Awi) went to the hospital to visit Asoi.
I don't really know what happened to her actually,but I think it's a good news that it's not really serious. And she looks crazy as usual LOL!
Btw,sth happened on our way there.
Asoi didn't tell us where she is staying at,so we went to Gleni Hospital.
The receptionist said there aren't any patient named Shelly registered.
We were shocked for awhile.
So,we called and bbm asoi,she didn't reply!
All of us were upset,and suddenly she replied,she said she's at Deli Hospital.
Eww,it's embarrassing how we kept asking the receptionist to find asoi :(
We rushed to Deli Hospital,but I gotta do something at 6,so I said hi,and then left the room bcs dad's coming to pick me up. Haha,kinda silly.

Honestly,I felt uneasy with **** and **** when they teased me. I do know they were just kidding. But when my mood isn't so good(bcs of that hospital incident),and somebody just talk rudely to me,I feel like I'm gonna explode. But,yes,I know they weren't serious,am I too sensitive?
Dear ****,I might can't tell you this directly,but please think of others before you talk.
And please don't say such rude words to anyone when they aren't in good mood,or ppl might dislike you.
I did nothing wrong but she suddenly muted me. She has did it so many times,but yeah,I didn't mind. But actually I loath being treated like that.
You've got no style with that.
Eww,so sorry dear.
I want you to change. I just can't tell. Typing is much easier :(

L to R: Ceha,me,ave,pretti

Me n Gabi