A Day to Remember

Die Diery,

Mayday mayday!
Today is 11th September 2010,Roger!

Lol,firstly we cancelled going out all six together. There should be me,gabi,ave,ceha,pinle and asoi. But ceha couldn't join us in the morning while asoi suddenly canceled the meeting bcs she was about to go somewhere with her mom.
So,there were just me,ave,gabi and pinle in the morning. 4 of us went for a brunch at Babura,it's been a long long time since the last time I went there,and we got Dimsums :)
After that we took many many cool pics at (somewhere).
Well no offense I DO like the pics,but it wasn't really in a purpose :p
We accidentally found that secret place hahaha.

Then we went to Cambridge,it was actually a shock bcs we got lost in the middle of our way!
Hahaha,I can't imagine if us,4 young girls got lost at that nowhere place!
I think it was around 20 minutes or more,but we still got along very well. I mean,we knew we were lost but we kept joking and made fun of it. Kinda brave,lol.
We were finally there,but pinle couldn't join us,her mom asked her to go to Bukit Lawang.
And then ceha joined us and we ate yoghurt together at Loop.

Anddd after that we went to Moviegoers,yep,it's my very first time to watch movie in a mini theater.
Let me say,we took quite a long time to decide what movie to watch bcs we didn't make a plan at all.
Me and ceha really want to watch thriller and horror movie but ave and gabi got frightened before they start the trailer it,so we end up watching an action movie which title is The Armored.
Quite boring at the beginning but getting though in the middle to the end.
We shouted a lot even it wasn't a horror. And honestly,I think we screwed the whole theater hahaha.

So,that's all for today. This gonna be a day to remember.
Special thanks for all the girls

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