Heel Strikes :(

Die Diery,

Happy Idul Fitri Holiday :)
Just wondering why I have to see the doctor on the first day of holiday.
My left heel aches so much.
Sometimes I can't walk properly,and for sure I can't sustain my weight with the foot.
It has been aching since 2 months ago. I used to stand the pain,but now it's getting worse.
Hell to it.
Now I'm in the line waiting for my turn to see the doctor (Gleni Hospital)
I've seen 3 different doctors,no one could heal me,I've consumed 9 kinds of remedies all from different doctors but none of them gave positive result.
I'm not sure whether it's the vein or bone which is having problems.
I used to have the same problems on my knees and back bone too.

When I arrived here,one of the staff asked if I need a wheel chair. He's meannnnn!
I'm not that sick. I mean I'm sure enough it'll recover asap.
Maybe I'll be given injections and will be asked to do some therapies.

I just don't want to lose my charisma :p
I used to walk confidently when I'm at the mall,now I can't even look at their faces.
Sure,I'll need my high heels back!


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