Gloomy Sunday

Dier Diery,

Nothing to tell about today..
It's sunday and I have nowhere to go :(
I planned to buy some DVDs to watch,just to spend my day,but I got nothing.
The store didn't open at noon.

Let's talk about the pain on my foot.
I went to the hospital and see my doctor on Thursday.
His name is dr.Komal Siregar,SPS. He's a good doctor.
I got 2 injections both on the pain spots.
Pain? Frankly,yes. Lol
He said the pain is called Osteo architist.
Kind of joint inflammation.
I were asked to take some remedies again,actually I'm quite scared bcs ppl said taking too much remedies will turn us to senile ppl.
By now I feel a lot better :D

On Friday,I went to the hospital again in order to do lab tests.
This time,it was really painful!
They took my blood twice from both arms.
The worst thing is we wasted 4 hours there.
After my blood was take once,I went to Sun Plaza for lunch and I ate Redmango there. Just to kill our times.
Then,I went back to the hospital to be taken some more blood.
After that we waited another 2 hours for the result. I'm almost dead bcs of the boredom.
It was really my very first time,and I hate injectionsssssss.

Me and Redmango twist

The arm

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