Die Diery,

Just an ordinary Sunday.
We went to the cinema and watched The Expendables.
I know I'm old :p
We got good seats and the movie was amazing <3

This movie was written by David Callaham and directed by Stallone.
So,we got Sylvester Stallone,Jason Statham,Jet Li,Lundgren,Dolph Couture,Terry Crews,Mickey Rourke and many more! And the main focus of the team are Stallone and Statham.
The movie's genre are: Action,Thriller
Yeah,some violence actions there,but it was what made it cool.

God,they are all great actors.
But of course my favorite is Statham <3
And hell yeah,he's always my damn hot bald man.
In any movies,no exception,and I envy those girls who are his play mate arghhh!

Great movie,must watch!
Check the reviews and trailers here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Expendables_(2010_film)


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