Choir oh Choir

Die Diery,

In music class,we were given a task of singing a song which title is Keroncong Kemayoran.
I'm in the same group with Sharen,Kekel and a newcomer named Patrick.
What I dislike from the teacher is,she didn't divide the sounds properly.
I mean,she didnt do any tests or selections to decide who are in Sopran,Alto,Tenor or Bass sound,but she divided it randomly.
I was a bit confuse,bcs I'm not usual to Alto but yesterday the class rehearsed and I think I did pretty well!
Yesterday it was me,Freddy,Stevent,Erni,Asoi,Wismoyo,Kekel,Sharen,and some others who rehearsed together.
I think we need at least 8 people to make a good choral perform. 4 people sounds a few and not massive at all :/
We'll perform it 2 weeks later,after the holiday.

While,in my choir class,with the same teacher,she told us that we'll be having tests in the next 2 weeks.
3 songs together. From This Moment for the girls' single perform and Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You for the boy's single perform.
The other 2 songs are A Whole New World and One Moment in Time.
I'm not good at any of those,and I haven't find my duet partner yet,since I don't know any of the boys in the choir class T____T

I dunno since when but I just love singing so damn much.
I'll try my best,wish me luck :D


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