2 days Remaining!

Die Diery,

Geez,I can't believe that our holiday remains only 2 days left!!
It's not nice at all. I didn't spend my holiday with anything spectacular!
Eww,btw I gotta tell a thing.
I saw the video of my sister's marriage and I don't understand why she didn't make both marriage party to videos!
She made only the second party to video but not the first one.
I miss that "singing prince" you know..
He's so charming and I still couldn't find him anyway....
But really I believed if he's my mate,we gonna meet once again. Lol,wake up girl,we aren't in the dreamland.

Today I watched 2 movies. They're SALT and 3 Idiots.
Let me start from 3 Idiots.
I've watched it twice and never get bored of it.
The most important thing is that,the story is well structured and funny.
Besides it is also related to our real life.
The main story is a free-thinker guy (Aamir Khan) who's unique,he learns everything he likes and he does it with heart. That's what make him success. He said that his school didn't teach the student how to be an Engineer,instead it produces machines that won't apply what they learn. For example,they got the degree Bachelor of Engineering but at last,they end up working in a Bank. While this guy is a real genius. He applied what he learned. I'm amazed.
He's a good friend too. You'll see how he changes his friends' lives.
This Indian movie is recommended.

Another movie is SALT.
Nah,this movie isn't a successful movie,I think.
Although they put a high classed actress like Angelina Jolie,with many cool fighting and gunning actions,but I don't think the whole story is blended well.
The story is quite floating and although I get the main point,but it wasn't well delivered. Oh,and I couldn't feel the climax! And again,the ending is confusing,I made many questions to myself about the ending.
Yeah,those are what matter.

Well,I've got The A-Team to watch. Save the best for the last.
Will make the reviews later. See ya.


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