2 days Remaining!

Die Diery,

Geez,I can't believe that our holiday remains only 2 days left!!
It's not nice at all. I didn't spend my holiday with anything spectacular!
Eww,btw I gotta tell a thing.
I saw the video of my sister's marriage and I don't understand why she didn't make both marriage party to videos!
She made only the second party to video but not the first one.
I miss that "singing prince" you know..
He's so charming and I still couldn't find him anyway....
But really I believed if he's my mate,we gonna meet once again. Lol,wake up girl,we aren't in the dreamland.

Today I watched 2 movies. They're SALT and 3 Idiots.
Let me start from 3 Idiots.
I've watched it twice and never get bored of it.
The most important thing is that,the story is well structured and funny.
Besides it is also related to our real life.
The main story is a free-thinker guy (Aamir Khan) who's unique,he learns everything he likes and he does it with heart. That's what make him success. He said that his school didn't teach the student how to be an Engineer,instead it produces machines that won't apply what they learn. For example,they got the degree Bachelor of Engineering but at last,they end up working in a Bank. While this guy is a real genius. He applied what he learned. I'm amazed.
He's a good friend too. You'll see how he changes his friends' lives.
This Indian movie is recommended.

Another movie is SALT.
Nah,this movie isn't a successful movie,I think.
Although they put a high classed actress like Angelina Jolie,with many cool fighting and gunning actions,but I don't think the whole story is blended well.
The story is quite floating and although I get the main point,but it wasn't well delivered. Oh,and I couldn't feel the climax! And again,the ending is confusing,I made many questions to myself about the ending.
Yeah,those are what matter.

Well,I've got The A-Team to watch. Save the best for the last.
Will make the reviews later. See ya.



A Wedding Party

Die Diery,

Well,I've just got back from a wedding party with mom..
It's the daughter of a friend of mom's wedding party.
And I know her pretty well too.
Her name is Lidya and her husband's name is Robin.
They look matched each other. They have been dating for 7 years!
I was about to sob when I saw them kissing.
Omg,wedding kiss is just so sweet ♡ .
I took some pics too since it has been a long long time since the last time I curled my hair :D
I didn't do any make up on my face,I'm not used to it,and it sucks bcs I couldn't wear high heels :(
Wearing flats to a party with a formal dress is just so funny to me. Lol



Gloomy Sunday

Dier Diery,

Nothing to tell about today..
It's sunday and I have nowhere to go :(
I planned to buy some DVDs to watch,just to spend my day,but I got nothing.
The store didn't open at noon.

Let's talk about the pain on my foot.
I went to the hospital and see my doctor on Thursday.
His name is dr.Komal Siregar,SPS. He's a good doctor.
I got 2 injections both on the pain spots.
Pain? Frankly,yes. Lol
He said the pain is called Osteo architist.
Kind of joint inflammation.
I were asked to take some remedies again,actually I'm quite scared bcs ppl said taking too much remedies will turn us to senile ppl.
By now I feel a lot better :D

On Friday,I went to the hospital again in order to do lab tests.
This time,it was really painful!
They took my blood twice from both arms.
The worst thing is we wasted 4 hours there.
After my blood was take once,I went to Sun Plaza for lunch and I ate Redmango there. Just to kill our times.
Then,I went back to the hospital to be taken some more blood.
After that we waited another 2 hours for the result. I'm almost dead bcs of the boredom.
It was really my very first time,and I hate injectionsssssss.

Me and Redmango twist

The arm


A Day to Remember

Die Diery,

Mayday mayday!
Today is 11th September 2010,Roger!

Lol,firstly we cancelled going out all six together. There should be me,gabi,ave,ceha,pinle and asoi. But ceha couldn't join us in the morning while asoi suddenly canceled the meeting bcs she was about to go somewhere with her mom.
So,there were just me,ave,gabi and pinle in the morning. 4 of us went for a brunch at Babura,it's been a long long time since the last time I went there,and we got Dimsums :)
After that we took many many cool pics at (somewhere).
Well no offense I DO like the pics,but it wasn't really in a purpose :p
We accidentally found that secret place hahaha.

Then we went to Cambridge,it was actually a shock bcs we got lost in the middle of our way!
Hahaha,I can't imagine if us,4 young girls got lost at that nowhere place!
I think it was around 20 minutes or more,but we still got along very well. I mean,we knew we were lost but we kept joking and made fun of it. Kinda brave,lol.
We were finally there,but pinle couldn't join us,her mom asked her to go to Bukit Lawang.
And then ceha joined us and we ate yoghurt together at Loop.

Anddd after that we went to Moviegoers,yep,it's my very first time to watch movie in a mini theater.
Let me say,we took quite a long time to decide what movie to watch bcs we didn't make a plan at all.
Me and ceha really want to watch thriller and horror movie but ave and gabi got frightened before they start the trailer it,so we end up watching an action movie which title is The Armored.
Quite boring at the beginning but getting though in the middle to the end.
We shouted a lot even it wasn't a horror. And honestly,I think we screwed the whole theater hahaha.

So,that's all for today. This gonna be a day to remember.
Special thanks for all the girls


Forever Me

Well,here are some of my pics from last year's holiday.
Location: Redang Island.
Photographer: Mom.


Heel Strikes :(

Die Diery,

Happy Idul Fitri Holiday :)
Just wondering why I have to see the doctor on the first day of holiday.
My left heel aches so much.
Sometimes I can't walk properly,and for sure I can't sustain my weight with the foot.
It has been aching since 2 months ago. I used to stand the pain,but now it's getting worse.
Hell to it.
Now I'm in the line waiting for my turn to see the doctor (Gleni Hospital)
I've seen 3 different doctors,no one could heal me,I've consumed 9 kinds of remedies all from different doctors but none of them gave positive result.
I'm not sure whether it's the vein or bone which is having problems.
I used to have the same problems on my knees and back bone too.

When I arrived here,one of the staff asked if I need a wheel chair. He's meannnnn!
I'm not that sick. I mean I'm sure enough it'll recover asap.
Maybe I'll be given injections and will be asked to do some therapies.

I just don't want to lose my charisma :p
I used to walk confidently when I'm at the mall,now I can't even look at their faces.
Sure,I'll need my high heels back!




Die Diery,

Just an ordinary Sunday.
We went to the cinema and watched The Expendables.
I know I'm old :p
We got good seats and the movie was amazing <3

This movie was written by David Callaham and directed by Stallone.
So,we got Sylvester Stallone,Jason Statham,Jet Li,Lundgren,Dolph Couture,Terry Crews,Mickey Rourke and many more! And the main focus of the team are Stallone and Statham.
The movie's genre are: Action,Thriller
Yeah,some violence actions there,but it was what made it cool.

God,they are all great actors.
But of course my favorite is Statham <3
And hell yeah,he's always my damn hot bald man.
In any movies,no exception,and I envy those girls who are his play mate arghhh!

Great movie,must watch!
Check the reviews and trailers here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Expendables_(2010_film)


Choir oh Choir

Die Diery,

In music class,we were given a task of singing a song which title is Keroncong Kemayoran.
I'm in the same group with Sharen,Kekel and a newcomer named Patrick.
What I dislike from the teacher is,she didn't divide the sounds properly.
I mean,she didnt do any tests or selections to decide who are in Sopran,Alto,Tenor or Bass sound,but she divided it randomly.
I was a bit confuse,bcs I'm not usual to Alto but yesterday the class rehearsed and I think I did pretty well!
Yesterday it was me,Freddy,Stevent,Erni,Asoi,Wismoyo,Kekel,Sharen,and some others who rehearsed together.
I think we need at least 8 people to make a good choral perform. 4 people sounds a few and not massive at all :/
We'll perform it 2 weeks later,after the holiday.

While,in my choir class,with the same teacher,she told us that we'll be having tests in the next 2 weeks.
3 songs together. From This Moment for the girls' single perform and Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You for the boy's single perform.
The other 2 songs are A Whole New World and One Moment in Time.
I'm not good at any of those,and I haven't find my duet partner yet,since I don't know any of the boys in the choir class T____T

I dunno since when but I just love singing so damn much.
I'll try my best,wish me luck :D