Ordinary day.

Die Diery,

Nothin really special today,I went to school like usual.
It's so uncool. We've just finished our exam but we didn't get any holiday.
It freaks me out :/
I need to wake up early like usual and go to tuitions too.
Luckily,it's still fasting month so we got 30 minutes dispensation.
But I hate the fact that I'll need to start memorizing and learn something again.
Let's do the best for the next exam.
Fight! Fight!

I'm currently watching this magicians duel in TV.
National and internationals compete with each other and they're just so awesome and amazing.

Omar and Pasha from France is cool! I don't know what the magic is called but it looks great!
Compare it to Deddy or Limbad. Uhh I think they're nasty. Lol


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