One Liter Of Tears

Die Diery,

I've watched a Japanese drama recently. I know I'm old :P
One Liter of Tears is a very sad n touching non-fiction drama.
It's abt a 15 year old girl named Aya Kito (July 19 1963- 23 May 1988) who was suffering for an incurable illness called Spinocerebellar Degeneration. It causes the person to lose controls over the body,but the person can still retain all the mental ability. The causes are unknown,and it results the person unable to walk,moves and talks.
It's so touching to see how she survived till the end,not giving up,fought with the disease and remained alive.

What if you had knew your future,and it's inevitable?
What if you are so young,but you can't take your life as others do?

She must quit ordinary schools,leave her hobbies,lose someone she likes.
By the time everyone graduated,they planned for their future. Some goes to college,and some goes to work. But she can't plan for anything,but "stay alive" bcs her condition will be worse in time.
But one thing,she won't be able to survive without her family and friends who always support her. And gives her a hand.

She encouraged me,told me how meaningful our life is.
Even she couldn't do anything instead of depends on others but she ultimately survive for the disease.

"Why did the disease choose me?"

I cried a lot in every episodes,but there are some additionals in the drama,one of them is abt love which built the emotion of the emotions in the drama.
Everytime her dad or mom cries,I started to weep.

A scene I love the most is when she was so down and cried,her mother shows her diaries. Tells her that she's still able to write. And she said,"I write because it's the evidence that I'm still alive".

But,I'm sure people have their own thoughts.
If you're suffering for that incurable illness,what would you do?
Keep hoping and stay alive,even you knew there's no hope? Or end your life instead of wasting energies and troublesome others?

"What am I living for?"


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