Live your life,it's short.

Die Diery,

Today,is the last day of the monthly test. Everyone ought to be happy.
But an unexpected news came. The girl in the next class whose name is Jenny passed away. They said it was bcs of dengue fever.
Im shocked. We're all facing tests,but how come she was there,on the agony feeling pains.
Im sure she never thought this could happen. Death comes in no time.
IMAGINE. She's young,smart,pretty. She's bright. But this is fate.
Everyone tweeted abt her today,and my tears dripped.
To all her relatives,families,friends and her boyfriend BE STRONG.

I want to say
I don't know you at all,but you are a lucky girl. People love you,everybody misses you.
Now you're gone. Back home. On His side,with your smile.


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