Die Diery,

Many people cares about me and Im so grateful.
They're angels sent from above *lebay*,haha I thanked God for the gifts.
Below are all my besties <3
♡ Asoi
Nah,this girl has been my best friends since nursery lolss,we've knew each other for 12 years! Ahaha
She's talkative,a lil bit "lebay and alay"
She's a real walking joke alive! LMAO

♡ Gabi
Have been together for a year,and I could say that we're quite solid. She's a ABSOLUTELY crazy too. I liked being with them,we sang in the class,gossips and hang out sometimes hahah. She loves Kerokeropi,green colors and K-pop so much especially "Key". She said she knows many korean songs,but just a few of english. Err,no comment for that one.

♡ Ceha

From all of them,she's the most normal one,I think. But really,if she's mad,you'll see the real CEHA. Lol,she makes the word "bereng *clingcling*" to a trend. ROFL!
She's a good listener too. Ohh,and she and a guy with initial LDj is the hottest couple in the class. Hahah,tease her and her face got red :p

♡ Avel

The noisiest n "heboerst" on the same crazy level with Gabi. They both talk loudly and heboly.
she looks tomboy but actually she's soooooo girly. She loves PINK! Lol.
She loves K-pop too! Her bias is Taeyang.

♡ Pinle
Cute pinleee. One of my girl who's also insane. We went to karaoke last time and she sang Keong racun madly. She loves blue colors and she often tweets about "hot guy" I'm wondering who..

N.b: Too many unexplainable things to write.
Another insaners are: siaupoo,eveline,ivana,KD,gracia,etc. (I write base on who I remember now,for those who didn't written here doesn't mean you aren't insane!)

He's kinda good guy,has been a best friend of mine since we was in primary. He is usually a good listener,but he's LOLA loll ;P he never really understand what you said till you repeat it once again.
He loves to gossips so much that he always annoys me during tuition,lol

A "sok cool" guy. Haha sometimes over confident but he's nice.


Someone's couple. Responsible,but lebay :p

And many many more.

I love love love them so much. No offense :)


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