Broken-heart,twice,with the same guy.

I met this guy last holiday.
At first time,I didnt attracted to him,even I'm more attracted to his friend.
I mean,I was looking at them bcs they were standing behind me.
It's normal right?

An Indian boy n his family made some problem with the staffs so they made us wait. They wouldn't let the boy with height less than 122 to get on the ride.
After the ride,me,mom and bro went to another ride and met them again.

I didn't know how,but he suddenly introduce himself,and asked my name
It happened too fast.
Among three of them he was the only one who talked a lot.
I've been paying attention to them bcs the queue was very long.
We talked for a while. The Indian boy made the same problem with the staffs from this ride also,and we need to wait,again. I feel lucky actually... and he asked for my facebook,he said he's goin to add me at night.
How dare,he touched my hair,and tell me it was wet bcs of the ride,I quickly put my hat on. I was shy.
Then,he offered to accompany me in the rollercoaster,in the ride,he shouted like a mad guy,and he asked me to shout too,but im not scared at all and i couldn't shout. I feel silly.
At the end we split up bcs he's goin home. He was lookin for me (i guess) and he told me that he hope to see me again.
I kept telling myself that I'm not attracted to him,but I'm unconsciously waiting for him. I can't access the internet,so i went to the internet cafe and wasted 45000idr for an hour access which is only 3000idr here.
I waited from 9 till 11 p.m. but no signs afterall.
So I thought he was just playing a trick.

The next day I was home and found out,he added me. I couldn't stop smiling.
He sent me a message and call me honey.
Later on,I knew he called all the girls honey,babe,hun,dear,etc.
I felt angry,but i have no reason to. I thought he has the right.
But I wanted to punch him.

Right several days after that,his status was in a relationship. I felt like my heart was broken into pieces. That time,I realized that I want him,I liked him.

I congratulated him,and he looks happy. but he still calls me honey.
I can't help myself that i want to hit him right on his face.
I thought it was over.

The next several days,he said he's single. He broke up with his gf.
I don't know what to say, I feel kinda happy,but......something's wrong with him..
So I thought it's another chance,another hope.
I won't really care if he didnt act so sweet to me.
We did webcams,I thought he is a good guy cs we chat,and he said I look like an angel although i told him that i can't cook.
He knows how flatter a girl very well.
We were both listening to Enrique's song,I felt so excited.

He always give me a kiss goodnight icon,and hug. He really made me fell for him.I need to say that I was really naive bcs i didn't realize that he might do that to all the girls he knew..

Another day,we chat. He told me he wanted to see me in Indonesia,but he is going to Bali and I told him I'm in Medan,he was dissapointed. He said he will online at night and see me.

The next day,I was at school and he suddenly called me from YM.
Bcs usually I was the one who calls him first.
I couldn't agree more,I was so excited. He said he was sorry bcs he didn't online last night.
I was too happy that I couldn't concentrate during my tuition.

On my birthday,he greeted me. I forgot how,but he told me he liked me,and he asked me if I like him too. I said probably. He said I'm his girl,so I asked him if I could call him "papa" he said he wanted me to call him honey. I asked him what name will he call me with,and he answered "pure love". I didn't understand so I asked if he is serious,and he said yes.

But after those sweet days,he never call me anymore,I feel sick and tired and unpatient bcs im the only one who always call him.
I'm a lady after all and I want him to care more abt me,but he never do.

So,I dont want to call him anymore,although sometimes I cant resist.
I saw him online,with the green dot beside his name,I waited for hours,I was denying that I was waiting for him,till i saw the green dot suddenly turned white.
I felt dissapointed.

I've always trying to ignore all the feelings when I saw his name,and his pictures.
The only reason I was online at night was bcs i was waitng for him to call me.I'm still exist in facebook bcs of him,else I'll be throwing it away.

But that won't ever happen anymore. Today,when I signed in to my facebook,his name and picure was on top. With the label "In a Relationship with".
I were shocked,my heart beats fast.
I couldn't believe what I saw,this time,it's really called a broken-heart.
I checked on his profile and his girl's. He is serious,last time he didn't state his girl's name,but this time,he do. It was really over.

I thought I have no feelings to him anymore,but now I realize that I was still hoping.
I told myself Men are REALLYjerks.
But I am the one who was in love with the jerk.

Hopefully he's serious,so he wont hurt anyone,anymore. Or I'm the only who's too innoncent?
I was fooled,I might knew him,but I denied.
He didn't worth me.
People might think this is nothing,bcs it happened indirectly.
I didn't love him,but I really I liked him,and I was fooled by a guy I like,that's what hurts me. Thanks I didn't go any further.

I hope I can handle myself.
This will be a lesson for me.
Let the sweet memories be memories.

P.S. I love you will soon become P.S I hate you


My Holiday--Phuket

Hello hello bloggies..
My holiday was as impressive as last time's.
I went to Phuket for 4d/3n it was a lotta fun!
I'll always love beaches. Don't you know?
Walking on the sand and listen to the sound of the waves,really are the best therapy for me!
Besides,great guys surf and play volley ball,good views..lols

The second day,we went to James Bond island.
It was raining at 8 in the morning. I was worried before,but everything went so well,not too hot,and great!
I knew it might be a place where 007 made his movie,yea,to be honest I like Redang more,bcs the water is so much clearer.
But this time,new experience. Canoeing for the first time it made me dizzy..hhaha
The guide was funny. His name is Johnny. He and the driver picked us from our hotel. First,I thought he was another driver bcs of his appearance..(sorry Johnny :P)
And our bus was filled,he has no place to sit,so he sat with us,at the back,but he sat on the car's mat.
I felt uneasy bcs the road is turning most of the time,and myb he could see it.
He sat further and try not to touch me,that's gentleman,I think..
He sounds like my friend named Steven when he speak English.
Lol. I didn't even realize how could a driver speak English well? I knew it when we were boarded.
He teased my brother bcs my brother slept all the time,haha..he even told all of the people on the ship.
If I were my brother,that'll be mortifying.
Johnny took pics for all of us.
I don't remember our first destination,2nd,and 3rd. Damn,my brain is ageing?

What I knew,we went to a small land,there are so many poeple who opened huts for selling. Most sell accessories from pearl and stones.
I bought two,for me and mom.One thing,Johnny told us that the stuffs are expensive so we need to do bargain. Beautiful caves around there,but the sea isn't clean.
But still,a fat lady swim there.

Johnny and Me

At the second destination,we do canoeing.
Mom tried to be an expert. She swam without life jacket and who knew my brother accidentally pulled her,and she was almost drowned.
But no one knew,bcs she's such a good swimmer.
Me and my brother went with the same canoe with an Indian man.
I don't like him bcs he made the video with Arabian songs which was noisy.
Amazing stalactite everywhere. The canoe-man told us about some weird rocks which looked like Buddha,standing man and elephant. A man took a pic for us,and we bought it for 200 Baht. Which is around 60,000 IDR.
The Indian man succumbed us for the pic,bcs his face was covered by his handycam.
I felt dizzy with the canoe. Myb wrong sitting position.

Johnny told us,they served monkey legs. That made me feel nauseous with everything I ate..

#3rd destination..
Johnny told us we may swim or do canoeing by ourselves.
My brother whined to do canoeing but I refused.
Mom was still sea-sick and I was sick bcs of canoeing.

I met an Australian woman,she came alone form Sydney,I guess she loves travelling.
She looks kind bcs she gave medicine to a woman who's sea-sick.
She is more than 21 y/o bcs she said she is older than Johnny.
(I heard their conversation accidentally)
She talked a lot with Johnny.
Johnny seems like interested with her or just fooling around?
He canoed far across our ship and waved to her,asked her to swim there.

An Indian couple who wore couple suit. They live in New York.
A Japanese couple who spoke very soft and slowly. I can hardly recognize their language.
Also an unknown nationality couple. Tall and bald man with beautiful tall woman. I met them once after the trip,infront of the money-changer but they pretended not to see.

A woman--sea-sick one-- with 2 men. One is her bf. Her bf is tall,white,good looking. But I don't think he can swim. Bcs he was the one who did canoeing for his gf and he didn't swim at all.
The other guy is bald,with good body shape.I met him once after the trip,at the cafe infront of my hotel and he smiled at me. His smile looks nice.
The woman herself reminded me of my friend,Jennifer.

A middle-age woman who came with her husband,daughter and son-in-law.
She was nice and she socialized a lot. I wanted to talk to her bcs she kept looking at me,myb bcs I kept looking at her too. But I was shy.
Her husband is fit and strong. He canoed by himself twice and win the race against his son-in-law.

Mom was the only woman who brought small children along.
And I was the youngest passenger after my brother.
I felt shy at first,bcs like what my friends said,most of them are couples.
Myb I will go there once again,if I have a bf later. LOL.

I went to the deck just for sightseeing,I saw 2 of the crews--a bald one and another with long hair and tied like Karatekid--jumped from top of the ship,over and over again. Like when I was in Redang. But that was just a one leveled ship.
They were teasing the middle-age lady who didn't want to swim.
I would like to join,if I weren't so shy bcs I was alone in that time. I'd always love to do crazy things.
Then,the crews came and asked for my name,where I came from and my age. I told them I am almost sixteen but their English wasn't very good bcs they don't understand the word "almost". They're Thais afterall.
They were trying to seduce young girl,I guess. Esp the bald one.
I don't mind when he said "you look so beautiful",but I don't like him looking at me too often. I pretend didn't see and didn't listen to him.
They shouldn't do that to a tourist.

The last destinaton was "Bat Cave"
At last,mom joined us.
We used the canoe and paddled through the cave.
We use the flashlight to illuminate the bats.
I hate that place bcs it's stink and dark. Who knows the bat will land on your body?
It's fascinating though.

On our way back,to the harbour I can see all of us was sleeping.
It took abt 45 mins.
Except the middle-age woman's daughter. She wore blue bikini,cover it with a thin blue satin cloth and tied her hair with blue band. With a brown glasses and holding a book.
She looks classy! She made the ship looks like hers,if all of us weren't on it.

All of the crews shook hand with us and say bye.
Two of the crews--I said just now--keeps complimenting me and that flattered me.
I don't think it's necessary to write it here,but I just don't want to lose any memories.
The bald one asked me whether I am coming back or not,but I said I'm not sure.
He said he wanted to see me again. Flattered,again.
I fell asleep in the bus,and Johnny didn't come with us. Whereas I really want to say bye. He's the only one I didn't greet goodbye,I guess.
I went to the same bus with the girl with 2 guys.They sat with mom behind,while me and bro sat infront. Mom said they were very noisy and I laughed.

So,it's the end of my second day in James Bond island,Phuket. Fascinating.

The 3rd day,we went to a lot of places with tuk-tuk. I like tuk-tuk. It's a common transportation there.
But I knew the driver was fooling us,with very cheap price. He might get several percent for our purchases in every stores he took us to.
He took us to jewellery shop and I bought a very beautiful RUBY. I will make it into a ring. I'm sure it's beautiful.
The seller said,my lucky stone is Ruby bcs I was born in July.
I think I can have it as my birthday present. :)
Mom bought a gold-TOPAZ earrings,and brother bought a TOPAZ stone.
Ruby is far more expensive than Topaz.

And we went to Silverado. Bought a beautiful silver pearl pendant.
I love pearl too.

Also to elephant trackking. Uhh,I will not ride an elephant anymore.
I think it was a waste of money. Riding an elephant for 30 mins for 800 Baht.
I mean,the elephant took us around,the view isn't great at all. Poos everywhere and stink,and hot and insects everywhere.
Yeah,first and last experience.
I like adventures,but not that one,Lmao.

I love Phuket.
The people are friendly and nice. I liked them. It reminds me of Redang.
Next time I'll visit Phuket again and visit Phi-Phi island.
Bcs I didn't have a chance to dive in JB island. Not even once..
Quite dissapointed.
They said Phi-Phi island is like Redang bcs the water is so clear that we can see fishes and do snorkling.
And I must buy a bikini bcs I really need to explore if I want to be a beach girl.Lol.

That's all about my first trip to Phuket :D
Love it.