Fabulous Party!

Yeah,yesterday was really great..!
We attended EVELINE's 15th party @Taipan,n it was cool!
I could see all the girls were pretty in black n white,n many different colors!
Eveline herself were so cute in white!
The boys were great too,though RK n Pippy acted like waiters..LOL
Asoi was so different!
Her short hair suddenly turned long n she even did make-up n wore high heels!

Btw,our form teacher came also!
She was pretty like usual..hahaha..she came with her lil daughter.
Everyone was fabulous!

We played "Find you partner"--it's crazy u know..
I was as Upin looking for my partner Ipin..so funny!

Then we also played "Take Him Out" with Larry acted as a girl.
We took alot of pictures and we were so 'NARSIS'..ahhaha
Who cares?

Unfortunately I didn't enjoy the party till the end.
I was home earlier..
However it's still a great party.
Happy birthday once again Eveline!
We love you!


X-3 in Tug-of war!

Dear hbsss..
Long time no-c!!

Our class X-3 have a match today..
It's tug-of war!
(Tommy,Acent,Lari,Dennis n Putera>>they're great fighters :D)
It's great n impressive!
We supported them..
We pray..but,
The boys never have this kind of experience..
N myb they seldom do sports..
After all,we did a good job..
But,we lose at the end of the match :(
Don't worry!
Another chance next year!
We'll win!
It's just the matter of time :))

Never say:"I've failed"
But say:"I've not yet success" :)