2010 memories

1.I'm so lucky to be able to meet my girls,had them as my besties.
So I'm able to spend my high school life just like normal girls lol.
2.I know I had this pain on my feet,but I believe in time,God will heal it.
3.And on my trip to Genting,I met nice buddies. They're great,and I've had a crush on one of them. But who cares cs now its gone :p
4.Hmm,I met Matt on this year,I'm so grateful cs he's the best guy I've ever met.
He taught me a lot of things to be strong,to be someone,and I learned a lot abt him,he's a geek lol. Even though we're not that close anymore.
5.In the end of the year,I'm happy for meeting Andrew,being able to do what I like,even though I know I'm not good at it,but I'll still love it.
6.I love my family just like I love myself,thanks God for keeping them safe.
7.This year,I love how I mix match my wardrobe,and guess what it'll be my new hobby :)

I didn't have much things to say,and I don't have any achievements to be proud of,but every year is meaningful.
This year,I got a lot of new friends and learned many new things. Thanks God ♡
May next year be better!



1. Enchanted - Taylor Swift
2. Listen - Beyonce
3. Fireworks - Katy Perry
4. Speak Now - Taylor Swift
5. Party All The Time - BEP
6. Like a G6 - Far East Movement
7. Deuces - Chris Brown ft Tyga and Kevin McCall
8. Complicated - Avril Lavigne
9. We R Who We R - Ke$ha
10.Grenade - Bruno Mars
11.I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith
12.You Took My Heart Away - MLTR
13.I Gotta Find You - Joe Jonas
14.Hey Soul Sister - Train
15.Not Afraid - Eminem

So,the time has come for my #nowplaying :p
This month,Taylor Swift takes parts.
Enchanted n Speak Now are both nice ones.
What's new? There are mostly old songs,but Complicated by Avril Lavigne and Like a G6 by Far East Movement are greattt.
Deuces isn't bad though. I love the rhyme.



Happy Christmas and Merry New Year

Die Diery,

You know what? Yesterday was GREAT!
I had my second outing with the girls,and spent my night havin dinner and went to the cinema with my family!

So,first I went to Avel's home and Pinle fetched us there. After that we went to fetch Asoi.
Actually we planned to go to Cemara Asri to have our brunch and take pics there as well.
In fact,we messed up in the car,taking pics madly whilst waiting for Ceha and the plan didn't work smoothly.
It was like 11am that time and Pinle hadn't had her breakfast so,we went to Kalimantan for the breakfast.
Then,Ceha came and we were ready to go.
Pinle fetched her brother named Vincen and hi! nice to meet you!
We arrived in Pinle's home,and not for long he drove the car away!
We spent like one hour or more at her home doing nothing before heading to MW which is near to Pinle's home.
We had our lunch at Pizza Hut.
Then,we went home and directly hunt for spots.
On our way home,it was raining heavily,fortunately daddy had arrived at Pinle's home.
I delivered Asoi and Avel home then me n daddy went to Thamrin to fetch mom,had our dinner and watch Tron Legacy.
It's a rare opportunity to be able to gather with my dad,I mean like to watch movie together or having dinner outside with dad.

I thanked God for the most beautiful christmas eve ever.
I could hope no more from Santa cs I knew he had gave the best gift I'd ever wanted.





Die Diery,

Exam is overrrrr! Yeayy! Who's happy? LOL
So,yesterday was the last day of the exam but it was such a tiring yet great day.
The girls,together with Erni,Pramono,Larry,Filbert and Freddy agreed to watch movie at MOVIEGOERS,Cambridge.
At first,we said we wanna watch the horror movie named The Maid.
But when I arrived there,they said they had reserved another movie.
An American Haunting.
No joke the movie was such a mess,I didn't get the point,and didn't enjoy it as well.
It wasn't as scary as the title,oops I mean it wasn't scary at all.
There were more dark settings instead of ghosts and the ghost was only one and you know what? She's beautiful!
Geez. I almost fell asleep there. I think the movie was a fail.
But at least we took some pictures ;)

Back then,I had a "little" surprising news for you. But just wait till I get the pictures :)

uhh,I hate how this silly face looks LOL



Die Diery,
Finally my last weekend before the exam was spent peacefully.
So,I went out with my mom and brother,we watched Rapunzel (The Tangled Tale)
Wow,it was a nice one. It was about a lost princess with very very very long and magic hair.
She was locked in a high tower by errr,a lady who disguised as her mother. She had never step out of the tower.
So,one day a guy who was a fugitive,hid in the tower. She met him and asked him to bring her to see the lanterns flew by the kingdom for the lost princess.
And bla,bla,bla. When her mother got home and Rapunzel was nowhere,she was panic. She looked for her,and finally found her.
And another bla bla bla,Rapunzel went home. She thought the guy (Eugiene) left her (in fact he was sent to the kingdom) and suddenly her memories came back. She remembered that she was the lost princess. Apparently,her "mother" was using her magic hair to keep her forever young. Eugiene who escaped from the jail ran after Rapunzel,but being stopped but the mother.
He was tied. I don't know how but he cut Rapunzel's hair and it turned brunette,losing its magical power. The mother became old again and fell down from the tower.
Yeah,at last she came back to the palace,and married with Eugiene. Tadaaa. The end.

And today I went to Balle for body treatment.
Aww,I love it. I've been feeling not well lately. And how I wish I could get some massages.
I had my green tea bath as well.
I do feel relieved but the migraine hasn't gone yet.
The exam is near,and I hope I could do my best.


Happy Birthday KEKEL!!

Die Diery,

Today was Kekel's birthday.
We agreed to make him a surprise.
So,the plan was Freddy's mom will deliver the surprise(which is J.CO donuts) after bell,and one of us will prepare the surprise right before he went home.
But...just about 3 minutes before bell,Freddy said his car was broken.
Ohmyyy,we freaked out,it was like it gonna fail!
Just about 15 mins after bell,when everyone had gone home,the surprise came.
We directly called other friends who had just left the school to gather.
And of course,made Kekel stay where he was since luckily he was still at school.
Stevent went to the canteen to borrow lighter and Kekel saw him. Kekel followed Stevent to the class while we were preparing the surprise.
We were still trying to kindle the candles and he came in.
Frankly speaking,the surprise was such a mess.
We end up playing with the cream of the donuts,smearing the cream over ones faces.
It was a lot of fun!
Anw,happy birthday Kekel :)



design #1

Yesterday I handed my first design request for my friend,Shelly.
She asked me to design a dress for her.
Well,I know it doesn't look good,but I'm quite happy bcs for the first time,someone do trust me. I edited this pic ;)
To be honest,I did it in instance :p



1. Grenade - Bruno Mars ☆
2. Terrified - Katharine Mcphee (ft. Zachary Lev)
3. Long Distance - Bruno Mars
4. The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars
5. Get Outta My Way - Kylie Minogue
6. Singing in The Rain (Umbrella) - Glee Cast
7. Teenage Dream - Glee Cast
8. Elevator - David Archuleta
9. If It's Love - Train
10.Iyiy - Cody Simpson
11.My Life Would Suck Without You - Glee Cast
12.Lost - Bruno Mars
13.F*ck You - Cee Lo Green
14.Firework - Katy Perry
15.We R Who We R - Ke$ha

Most of them are dominated by Bruno Mars and Glee Cast's.
But yesss! I'm in love with Bruno's.
He treats girls right *TEHEEE*
I dunno why but that "Grenade" song easily stuck in my head. Lol
Kylie Minogue is cool too,but I had been listenin to Cody Simpson's "Iyiy" for months and I don't feel really bored of it.
"We R Who We R" is the new one from Ke$ha but I haven't really got the rhyme.
Btw,from now on I'll post my #nowplaying once a month.
Ayeyyyy *clap hands*



Happy Teachers' day

Hello hello bloggies!
Yesterday was our national teachers' day.
We bought a cake for our form teacher,Ms. Liang and mini cakes for other teachers.
Although it wasn't as fun as last year's celebration but we enjoyed it.
No doubt,we took a lot of pictures.
Special thanks for Gabi,Ceha,Pinle and Fievie for their cameras :)